Ride 24km

The first 5 km along Bucketts Road sees over 130 competitors pushing themselves to stay with the front pack who set a furious pace to get to the mountain section first. The next 10-12 km is the most gruelling section of the bike leg with many steep sections and some of those sections too steep … More Ride 24km

Paddle 11km

On arrival at Rocky Crossing, collect the kayak and start the paddle down the picturesque Barrington River. The river level determines how difficult the race becomes. If the river is above .43 the race is much easier than at lower levels. A fast boat is a huge advantage in this race.

Run 10km

After continual pounding of the legs on the bike section, then sitting for over an hour in a boat in cold water, it makes the first 2 km of the run very demanding as it is all uphill and the legs become tired and susceptable to cramping. The thrill of running over the finish line … More Run 10km