Rules & Regulations

Kayakers note – Please bear in mind that there will be no SES supervision on the river this year and in addition you will need to land your own kayaks and carry them to the kayak holding area – but see Rule 13 here.

  1. Race officials have the right to reject any kayak considered not to meet the minimum safety standards. NO DOUBLES ALLOWED IN SINGLES CATEGORY.
  2. Irrespective of whatever type of individual craft is used. It is compulsory that end loops must be attached.
  3. First kayak at rapids has right of way.
  4. It is forbidden to receive outside help during a race (subject to Kayak Rule 13), to be accompanied by other boats along the course or by throwing objects in the course.
  5. Taking pace or receiving assistance from boats in the race or by any other means is not permitted.
  6. When a kayak is overtaking another Kayak in the race, it is the duty of the overtaking craft to keep clear at all times of the boat being overtaken. On the other hand, the craft being overtaken is not allowed to alter its course to make difficulties for the overtaking craft.
  7. Contestants may walk the rapids if necessary.
  8. Adequate footwear must be worn at all times throughout the duration of the kayak leg.
  9. Wetsuits may be worn, together with any other clothing considered necessary for warmth.
  10. A buoyancy vest complying with the appropriate Australian Standard and approved helmet must be worn throughout the duration of the kayak leg.
  11. Not withstanding these accessories, the individuals number must be visible at all times.
  12. At transition areas, contestants are responsible for the suitable storage of equipment and clothing etc which has been used on the preceding leg and similarly, those items to be used for the ensuing leg. Numbered bags will be provided for this purpose.
  13. Competitors are allowed one person only to assist in the launching of kayaks.
  14. The kayak course will be closed at 2.00pm and competitors still on the river at 2.00pm will be disqualified and will not be permitted to continue in the event.