Protest Procedure

Any contestant desiring to lodge a protest against any decision of the race administration or the conduct of any competitor(s) must file a written protest with the Race Director within 30 minutes of completing or withdrawing from the race, and any protest must be accompanied by a $50.00 protest lodgment fee.

The Rule Enforcement Committee will review each protest and their ruling will be FINAL. Loss of protest claim will result in the forfeiture of $50.00 protest lodgment fee. If the competitor’s location on the course prevents a written protest, a verbal protest may be lodged to any race official who will inform the Race Director as soon as possible. The competitor lodging a verbal protest will make every effort to present a written protest to the Race Director without delay. If injury requiring treatment or hospitalization prevents a competitor from lodging a protest within the allocated time limit, then a protest will be accepted as the soonest possible time.