Rules & Regulations

  • It is a condition of entry that all competitors must wear the approved competitor’s numbers, which must be visible at all times.
  • This triathlon recognizes states-of-the-art in the use of equipment and materials; however the Race Director may restrict equipment or materials if there is a safety issue.
  • Each participant must wear race numbers at all times whilst on the course. Number must be attached to the bike for the duration of the event. Failure to wear race number is STRICTLY PROHIBITED may result in disqualification.
  • Approved SAFETY STANDARD cycling helmets are required during the entire bike race. Any contestant seen riding without an approved SAFETY STANDARD helmet will be immediately disqualified. Leather or vinyl helmets will NOT be allowed. Helmet straps must be firmly secured.
  • FRIENDS, FAMILY, ETC MAY NOT DRIVE AND MAY NOT BIKE ALONGSIDE CONTESTANT AND FOOD OR OTHER ITEMS MAY NOT BE PASSED TO CONTESTANTS. It is incumbent upon each contestant to immediately reject any attempt to assist, follow or escort.
  • Each participant will be INDIVIDUALLY RESPONSIBLE for repair and maintenance of own bike. Assistance by anyone will be grounds for immediate disqualification. This necessarily disallows the use of spare wheels, backup bikes, and requires that each participant be prepared to handle any possible mechanical malfunction.
  • Bikers are required to heed directions and instructions of all race officials and public authorities.
  • Participants may walk bikes if necessary.
  • Bikers are individually responsible for following traffic laws and are solely responsible for the consequences of any infractions.
  • Race officials have the right to reject any bike considered not to meet minimum safety requirements. Race officials will make final judgment as to soundness of bikes. If bike does not meet safety standards, contestant will be required to correct problem before participating in race.
  • The bike course will be closed 3 hours after start of the event. Bikers still on course after 11.30 am will be disqualified and will not be permitted to continue and will be removed from the course.
  • The rider must complete the entire stage of the Bike leg on the one bicycle.
  • Food or drink may be carried by the competitor or made available at designated food stations.
  • Glass containers of any description ARE NOT allowed to be carried or handed to competitors during competition.
  • Competitors riding bikes have right of way over competitors pushing bikes.
  • Short cutting the course will result in disqualification.
  • Footwear must be fully enclosed.
  • Bikes must be fitted with at least one front brake AND one rear brake in full working order.